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Creative Coatings Art surfaces look pretty— but they act tough!

  • Beauchamp Brick WalkCreative Coatings Art surfaces add beauty and value to any property. We provide basic restoration and renewal services.
  • Creative Coatings Art surfaces add color and style to ordinary concrete. We have many colors and patterns to choose from.
  • You can have a custom look at an affordable price with our unique decorative resurfacing system.
  • Your Creative Coatings Art surface will have resistance to staining, UV fading & salt deterioration. The durability of these surfaces has been proven around the word for nearly two decades.

Creative Coatings Art unique interior flooring products give the delicate flavor of personality to any room. But don't be fooled by the fabulous looks of these one-of-a-kind floors, they are industrial strength and as tough as nails!

Creative Coatings Art exterior hardscapes allow you to customize the look of your home or business. Why settle for uninviting gray concrete when you can have a graceful hardscape that welcomes visitors by bringing all the elements of your exterior design into harmony.

Check our Photo Gallery for samples of our work.

For specific information about your needs, please contact us by phone at 219 - 746 - 8965 or .

decorative brick
decorative bricks